Consolidation - Planning - Reporting: Simplifying complex tasks

Alper & Schetter offer extensive practical experience, economic and technical know-how and excellent knowledge of established standard applications. We evaluate your needs and adapt them to the feasibility of suitable applications. As a matter of course we support you during and after the execution of your project. Whether evaluation, realization or support – as our customer you can rely on an fast, efficient and cost-effective service.

The services offered by Alper & Schetter:

  • Evaluation of adequate applications for Financial & Management consolidation, planning & reporting
  • Drawing up of concepts & specification sheets according to customer requirements
  • Coaching during the implementation as well as providing turnkey solutions
  • Interfaces to ERP-systems and further relevant data sources (ETL)
  • Support in daily business
  • Process optimization, project management and quality assurance
  • Collaboration in order to bridge temporal gaps in staffing
  • Interim management